Help in acquiring Apartments at Richardson, Texas

The shelter at a suitable place having an ideal location to reach workplace at the time and to spend leisure time with immense pleasure is essential for well-being of a person. House is a dreamland where dreams to lead a peaceful and secured life is enjoyed. So settling down in a place where the dream is not fulfilled is not an ideal choice. Therefore, it is better idea to search for your proper dreamland and settle down. There is no better place to rent than apartments in Richardson Tx. Having a house in the heart of the city with green surroundings is not a matter of putting a knife through butter but if you contact us, it can be. Unlike others, we deliver what we promise, green surroundings with plenty of places to lead your life in a cool and sophisticated way is available now in Texas in an affordable price.

Apartments are well-designed and spacious to settle comfortably with family.
Places like Children Park, the amusement park designed especially for children is well within reach of the apartment.
Spacious rooms for family to live comfortably in each of the rooms and use each room for more than one purpose. For example, the dining room of Apartment can be remodeled as the bedroom.
Social clubs and NGO offices are very near. And for those who prefer partying and late night movies multiplexes and discos are very nearby.
The place is well connected with roadways, so any place in the city is easily accessible from the place. And 24 hours reliable transport services are available from here.
Heath clubs, gyms, and playground are also well within reach so people can stay fit and lead a healthy life residing here.
Emergency services such as doctors chamber and city hospital are also near.
The apartment is well designed to accommodate motor vehicles easily in its spacious garage.
To lead a peaceful life in a residence security is also an important factor. A 24-hour security system is well installed, and security guards are always on duty, so there is no chance of security breach. The compound is well guarded by wall and above all no anti-social activities have taken place in the recent past
The most important feature of the apartments in TX is that these apartments are designed just like a buyer or a renter wants. Rooms are made such that the position of cabinets and beds can be relocated in any part of the apartment. Residents can find such spacious apartments very helpful to change the location of household commodities according to his or her needs and plans. There is enough scope for the rooms to be redecorated according to one’s wish. So if one wish to rent an apartment in the heart of the city with apartments having plenty of space to be utilized for various purposes, there is no other place in the city other than Richardson apartments.

Midland, Texas is the hottest housing market in U.S.

Midland, Texas is the hottest housing market in the nation for the second month in a row, according to data from, knocking California heavyweights like Los Angeles and San Francisco from their traditional perches atop the thermometer.

It looks like California finally overheated, registering only four markets in the top 20 as opposed to two months ago when more than half of the list was located in the Golden State.

"The California housing market has been hot for a long time – but maybe too hot. Our May hotness index further confirms we’re seeing that as prices in California continue to soar, people are increasingly looking elsewhere," Director of Economic Research Javier Vivas said in the report.

"As we continue into what we expect to be the hottest home-buying season in history, look for a wide variety of locales to remain red-hot," he added.

The report also indicates spillover demand in more affordable metros. Seven Midwest metros made it in the top 20, which is the highest number since started taking temperatures (see full list below).

(Courtesy of compiled this list by analyzing housing market supply and demand using listing views as an indicator of demand and median days on market as an indicator of supply.

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US Senator Denied Entry To Facility Holding Children Of Illegal Immigrants

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley

A United States senator trying to gain access to a federal facility housing immigrant children in Texas near the Mexico border and talk to a supervisor has been turned away after police were summoned.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, a Democrat from Oregon, told one of the police officers in Brownsville that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ team and the Office of Refugee Resettlement are trying to hide what’s happening behind the doors of the former Walmart.

Merkley’s office posted video on Facebook of the encounter Sunday evening. A supervisor at the facility told Merkley he was not allowed to make any statements, and referred him to a phone number of the public affairs office in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington.


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4 area real estate companies get new headquarters – Philadelphia Business Journal

Four of the region’s largest real estate companies have or are about to move into new headquarters after spending years in the same buildings.

The moves reflect the evolution of the companies. All have grown in stature, some have expanded their geographic reach, shifted strategies or refined their existing business plans. The new offices place them in spaces that showcase where they have come, where they are and where they are headed.

The first to make a move was Brandywine Realty Trust, which relocated last fall into 46,000 square feet into its FMC Tower at Cira Centre South in Philadelphia. The real estate investment trust spent nearly a decade at 555 Lancaster Ave. in Radnor. While Brandywine started out as a suburban office landlord, the company has divested of most its suburban properties to focus on trophy office space in urban areas and development — such as its Schuylkill Yards project — in three markets: Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas.

While it now makes its headquarters in Philadelphia, Brandywine still has staff in Radnor. The company declined to participate in this article, according to a spokeswoman.

After spending the last 10 years in 12,000 square feet at 200 Witmer Road in Horsham, BET Investments moved in January to 16,300 square feet at 200 Dryden Road in Dresher, a building it owns. The company has plans to raze the Witmer Road structure and build a 256-unit apartment complex. The move was prompted by several factors, said Michael P. Markman, president at BET.

“Our offices were older and we wanted to update our image in a number of ways,” Markman said. “At some point, companies have to come up to speed with what’s going on in the market and have space that is reflective of that."

New offices also gave BET a chance to rebrand itself and use the space to carry out that brand and attract and retain employees. BET has a total of 165 employees and 50 in its new offices.

The Dryden Road building directly overlooks the Promenade at Upper Dublin, a $150 million mixed-use project BET is undertaking and the headquarters’ proximity to the project was deliberate. “We can showcase the project to potential tenants, joint venture partners and lenders,” Markman said.

BET is taking on more mixed-use developments rather than doing stand-alone retail or multifamily projects. This shift comes after the successful redevelopment of the Granite Run Mall into a mixed-use community. “We’re experts in retail and we’re experts in apartments and the marriage of the two put us in a really good position,” Markman said.

Equus Capital Partners Ltd. moved its 100 corporate employees in April to a 42,000-square-foot building it developed at its Ellis Preserve in Newtown Square. The real estate firm had been in Centre Square at 1500 Market St. for 30 years and while a perceived anti-business sentiment in Philadelphia was one of the drivers of the move, Equus sought to accomplish multiple objectives with the new headquarters.

“We felt the building itself should represent our brand and the goal of the project was to express that brand through real estate -— with the building itself, its interior and the location at Ellis Preserve,” said Steve Spaeder of Equus.

The building was designed with a barn motif to draw from the company’s name and location on a campus rich with history. A range of materials were used in the building including reclaimed wood from a project Equus is doing in Reading. Equus will also use Ellis Preserve to highlight the range of work the company does since the campus, which it is redeveloping, has examples of all of the projects it has undertaken.

“It’s a great way for our investors, our lenders and tenants to see a full range of our capabilities,” he said. “We already see a difference in our employees and had a number of great meetings with banks, investors and build-to-suit customers.”

The last to move is Liberty Property Trust, which will relocate in June to 650 E. Swedesford Road, a 100,000-square-foot building in Wayne. This comes after spending four decades in the Great Valley Corporate Center, which it developed. Liberty, which started as an industrial developer, focused for years on suburban office properties. It is now a $9 billion industrial real estate investment trust with a smattering of urban development projects its new headquarters was designed to reflect that shift.


Liberty Property Trust’s new headquarters

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Texas deputy grabs runaway ‘bull by the horns,’ escorts it home

One deputy took a hands-on approach to a bull in Texas.

A snapshot showing Samson the bull with a deputy was published on the the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Twitter and Facebook pages on Sunday.

KTRK reports that “the deputy was spotted escorting the longhorn back to its home after it wandered off this weekend.”

“Only in Texas!!! Our Deputies believe in ‘grabbing the bull by the horns’ to get the job done! Onto the next call!! Never a boring day!” authorities captioned the picture.

The sheriff’s office added the hashtags “#Deputylife # CopLife #StruggleisReal.”

The post has received more than 1,300 reactions as of Tuesday afternoon.

In the comments section, the sheriff’s office included a gif from a scene in “The Breakfast Club,” of a character saying, “Don’t mess with the bull young man. You’ll get the horns.”

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Blind artist and his ‘Miraculous’ mural in Bishop Arts

When the Bishop Highline Apartments open in early June in the Bishop Arts neighborhood of Dallas, the four-story west-facing wall at N. Adams and Melba will feature the work of an artist who will never get to see the finished mural.

That’s because the man painting it is legally blind.

Monday morning I found artist John Bramblitt six-feet up a ladder, a paintbrush in his hand, and whistling "if I only had a brain."

"I don’t know why but every once in a while that song pops in my head," he laughed.

Bramblitt, 47, suffered irreparable damage to his optic nerve from epileptic seizures and other health problems while still a student at the University of North Texas in Denton. He had plans to be an English teacher but channeled some of his frustrations into his art instead.

"Well, when I first started to be honest, I thought I was crazy," he said. "I thought I was out of my mind."

But with the help of his wife, Jacqui, he found out he could place his paints in rainbow order, label them with braille, and paint by feel. When he’s working on canvas in his own Denton studio he usually works completely alone.

"The yellow feels a little bit different than the other colors. The black feels different than the other colors. It gives you a tactile way to be able to feel the wall and understand where you are and what you’re doing. So it’s the same way to get around a canvas that I get around a street," he said.

And John Bramblitt is definitely getting around. His work on canvas is in demand around the world. He’s served as an art instructor to hundreds of visually impaired students across the United States. And by the time the Bishop Highline Apartments mural is done in June to celebrate the grand opening of the complex, this will be his second outdoor mural and the first in his hometown.

"Art was my way to reconnect with people to say that hey I’m still me in here," Bramblitt said.

"It does surprise me that somebody who can’t see the finished product still wants to produce it," Jacqui Bramblitt said. "But I know from years of being with him that he sees it. He just sees it in his head."

"Whenever I was first losing my eyesight, I thought everything was over. I thought my life was over," John Bramblitt said with his guide dog, "Eagle" sleeping next to him. "This painting is a painting of joy. It’s a painting of optimism. I know the more that I paint the brighter, the colors need to be, because the happier I am."

John doesn’t name each piece of artwork until he finishes it. So he has a few more weeks to come up with something. In our interview, he may have hit on an idea.

"So it’s just a dream come true," he said of being able to paint the mural in Dallas and add his unique touch to the art landscape in Bishop Arts. "To me, it’s just incredible. It’s miraculous."

When Bishop Arts sees the finished product that he can’t, they’ll likely think the artist and his work are pretty miraculous too.

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Longtime San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Firm Rebrands asWorth & Associates

San Antonio, Texas, May 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — San Antonio commercial real estate developer R.L. Worth & Associates today announced it is rebranding as Worth & Associates. In addition to the rebrand, the company announced its new leadership team – Clint Worth, President of Development & Brokerage and Jordan Worth Arriaga, President of Operations and Property Management.

Worth & Associates New Leadership Team – Jordan Worth Arriaga and Clint Worth

“I am immensely proud of the work Clint and Jordan have done for our firm over the past decade,” said Robert (“Bob”) L. Worth, Jr., founder of the firm and Worth & Associates Chairman of the Board. “Their dedication and insight have helped grow our family business, keeping us adaptable and agile to meet the ever-changing real estate environment. I have every confidence that they will only further our success in the future.”

Clint Worth has been in the commercial real estate industry for more than 15 years and has worked for Worth & Associates the majority of that time. As President of Development & Brokerage, Clint oversees site selection, design coordination, construction management, leasing, acquisition and disposition as well as on-going asset management of the firm’s growing multi-story portfolio. During his tenure, Clint has closed more than $100 million in transactions and completed more than 1.2 million square feet of office and retail space, with a combined value in excess of $250 million.

“My father has built a strong team of dedicated professionals that has become a San Antonio institution over the past 32 years,” said Clint. “There have been many changes in the South Texas commercial real estate market over that period of time, but his flexibility and vision has enabled the company to adapt to them all, culminating in one of our most profitable years in 2017. We intend to build on that success record and look forward to another 32 years as leaders in the marketplace.”

Jordan Worth Arriaga joined Worth & Associates as Vice President of Finance in 2007. With a strong background in commercial real estate investment banking, Arriaga originated construction and long-term mortgage loans for Worth & Associates and its affiliates in excess of $400 million. As President of Operations and Property Management, Jordan will oversee Worth & Associates property management, accounting and finance personnel and asset management of the large single story portfolio.

“One of the many reasons our company has been so successful is because we exceed our clients’ expectations,” said Arriaga. “We make it our goal to understand our clients’ long-term business needs and develop space plans that facilitate their success. We will continue to offer that unparalleled, exceptional service, just under a new name and leadership.”

Established in 1986, Worth & Associates is a locally owned and operated San Antonio based commercial real estate development, investment and brokerage firm that operates exclusively in the South Texas market. The company has a stable portfolio of more than 2.8 million square feet of commercial real estate properties owned and managed internally. Founder, Bob Worth, has long been one of San Antonio’s most prominent office developers and an acknowledged leader in San Antonio real estate. The Real Estate Council recently honored Bob as the 2017 recipient of the prestigious Philip M. Barshop Award for his outstanding accomplishments in the industry.


About Worth & Associates

Worth & Associates is a locally owned San Antonio commercial real estate development, investment and brokerage firm that operates exclusively in South Texas. With a stable portfolio of more than 2.8 million square feet of commercial real estate properties owned and managed internally, Worth & Associates exceeds clients’ expectations by offering exceptional customer service, with a focus on developing flexible, highly efficient buildings and space plans designed to meet tenants’ long-term business needs. For more information, visit


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It’s up to the Church, Not the Government: Texas Church Builds Housing for Needy Seniors

When the leadership at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mansfield heard that senior members couldn’t afford to stay in their own homes, they put their faith to work.

The church recently broke ground on an apartment complex to help seniors on fixed incomes combat the rising costs of housing.

The complex, called “Bethlehem’s Pioneer Place,” has been in the planning phase for 12 years.

The housing facility will be built on five and a half acres of land that the church owns and will include 135 one- and two-bedroom units for seniors 55 and older.

In a statement to CBN News, the church shared about the needs of the senior community.

“The fact that senior adults were being displaced from their residences due to their advance of years and the fact that they were no longer able to take care of their own homes, and either having to move in with relatives, children in particular, or being sent to a nursing facility, we believe the Spirit of God moved upon us to do something about this to help these hard working seniors find quality and affordable living facilities where they can live out their golden years in the community they helped to build,” the statement reads.

Pastor Michael Evans, Sr. heads the congregation. He says the church, not the government, is responsible for taking care of its most vulnerable members.

“Anytime you have cuts that take place in the government or what have you, we have to step in, we have to fill the gap,” he said in an interview with

The church went on to say, “Matthew 25 teaches us that the Lord God requires us to attend to and take care of those in need and it is an indictment against the church if the needs of the people in their community are not met.”

They admitted there were many challenges along the way.

“We didn’t own any property,” the statement continued. “We didn’t have the money or finances to do it. We knew that there was a potential for political backlash because of the anti-affordable apartment building sentiment in the DFW metroplex.”

Church members took to Facebook to share their enthusiasm for the venture.

Bobby Mccaslin commented, “It took many years to make this happen! Unbeknown it was God’s timeline that led Bethlehem to start in 2018.”

“So glad I was able to witness this history,” said Pinkey Lawson-Thompson. “Love to BBC.”

Cheryl Mitchell Rose commented, “How wonderful! God’s blessings on this special endeavor for senior citizens. Bethlehem family!”

The church was able to secure a tax credit through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs as well as financial donations to bring its housing vision to fruition.

“If you spent many of your productive years building up this city, why not be the person to take advantage of the amenities that you helped to build, helped come to life,” said Evans. “So many people are moving in now we want to make sure that our seniors have quality safe secure housing.”

Seniors will pay anywhere from $300 to $900 a month, depending on their income.

“Bethlehem’s Pioneer Place” is set to open in summer of 2019.

Seniors in the community are anticipating moving into the complex.

“It has been an overwhelming positive response,” says the church. “We have received sentiments of gratitutde and and overwhelming sense of thankfulness and appreciation.”

This Toxic Vegetable Is The No. 1 Danger In Your Diet

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Demands for comfortable and luxurious apartments are rising day by day and people all over the world dummy

Demands for comfortable and luxurious apartments are rising day by day and people all over the world try to have the best apartment for them. The builders too, according to the requirements of different people, try to construct apartments with different facilities. Here all can notice one thing that all the apartments are not of equal size or shape, and this is really good for the buyers to choose the right apartment. One can obviously buy or take these apartments Richardson Tx, having one room, two rooms or more, on rent according to the need.

One room apartments are facilitated with a good combination of living area and sleeping space. Though, here too one may find different varieties and configuration of one room apartment. If one thinks that a one room apartment cannot fulfill his or her requirements, then it is wrong. There are lots of features which one can avail within different types of one room apartments dummy

Kevin Meier ranks No. 1 among Farm & Ranch Real Estate Agents – San Antonio Business Journal

Kevin Meier — duPerier Texas Land Man LLC

As a wildlife biologist, farmer, rancher and broker, Kevin Meier holds a unique knowledge and understanding of land and all attributes associated with its ownership. He enjoys working with clients to ensure they find the perfect property to meet their goals while striving to make the process is as effortless as possible.

If you weren’t in real estate, what would you be doing professionally? I would continue my career as a wildlife biologist working with landowners across the state while operating my own ranches and farm.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities for your sector? Texas is a big state with lots of opportunities. Every successful brokerage knows its niche. It’s my opinion that the Hill Country region northwest of San Antonio will continue to be the sought after destination for farm and ranch buyers.

What factors will have the greatest impact on San Antonio residential real estate sales in 2018? To date, the 2018 real estate market is exceptionally active. However, I believe a continued increase in interest rates could deter some buyers.

What surprised you most about the San Antonio residential real estate market in 2017? The farm and ranch market was steady throughout the year.

What has been the biggest challenge to your particular residential sector in the last two years? The biggest challenge is replacing property inventory to list. Another challenge is staying at the forefront of electronic and web-based advertising venues.

Tell us about a memorable transaction you were involved in or a buyer. I’ve had some very memorable moments, both funny, frustrating and shocking while dealing with transactions. Take a look at a ranch with me and I might tell you a story or two.

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An apartment in Richardson, Texas is a Perfect Place to Settle

Acquiring a sweet home in a perfect part of the city with no problem in daily life is like a fairy tale these days, but no more. If you are looking for a tranquil atmosphere with the easy availability of transport facility, easy access to ports and above all emergency services, apartments in Richardson are perhaps the only solution for the purpose. People want a residence near to their workplace or residence having easy access to their workplace. Richardson apartments have a perfect location for the purpose. The roadway connection is very nearby, Cabs and buses are easy available and any place in Texas are easily accessible using roadways.

To get an apartment for rent in core citadel area with the tranquil atmosphere, often leads to an expenditure of a huge sum of money. But in this is the case, if you can experience excellent hospitality with perfect atmosphere and facility to settle for a sum worth spending.
The rooms of the apartments are spacious, and one has enough space to use it for settling down along with his/her family. The apartments are perfectly localized with playgrounds; gyms very near within 10 minutes of walking distance. Staying healthy and a fit is also important for well-being.
The apartments also have a garden area of about 100 so. Meters which are amazing for people who love gardening as their leisure time hobby. Also, the balcony of the apartment provides a scope for the residents to decorate it during festivals. The terrace of the apartment is also an attraction for arranging house parties.
There are also few social clubs and NGO offices nearby. Those who wish to work for social issues and spend few hours of their day working for the cause can find this place suitable.
And those who wish to enjoy their lives after work with their friends and colleagues by partying nightclubs and discos are easily accessible from the place.

Apartments also contain garages for parking of two wheeler motorbikes and four wheeler cars. Garages are perfectly designed for accommodating more than six such vehicles.
The apartments are also in such an area that no incidents of theft, robbery or any such incidence have occurred in recent past. This part of the city is completely free from any anti-social activities.
Moreover, security services are also fine. 24-hour security surveillances are quite capable and efficient to keep perils away from the area.
A home is a place where one finds peace and sound sleep after work; a place to live happily with family and spend some splendid time with them. Moreover, a home makes a person feel to be in dreamland. There are several apartments in Texas which can give you a shelter, but apartments in Richardson Tx can provide you the nest that you dreamt of. Home is a dreamland and living in a place where your dream is fulfilled is perhaps one of the best accomplishments of life. So if you want to fulfill your dreams come to Richardson.